Product List and Line Card of All Manufacturers We Represent

Our products offer solutions for the most demanding and rigorous applications in the industrial market place. From bubble tight check valves for high pressure gasses to high flow solenoid valves for cryogenic and steam service, we offer superior quality and performance.
Circle Seal
Design and manufactures a broad range of instrumentation valves devoted to meeting the needs of industries including OEM, medical, chemical, petrochemical, refining, energy, and food & beverage. Circle Seal valves are well known for precise performance, quality and reliability.
Go Regulator is a leading global designer and manufacturer of standardized and specialty pressure regulators, diaphragm valves, and filters to the analytical, instrumentation, petrochemical, oil & gas, and specialty gas industries. Go regulators and valves are designed fulfill a wide range of applications, controlling pressure while accommodating low to moderate flow rates of many gases and liquids.
HOKE is a Manufacturer of Precision Fluid Control Solutions. They manufacture Gyrolok compression tube fittings, as well as instrumentation valves, cylinders and manifolds.
Since 1961, CPC-Cryolab has been a world leader in the development, design and supply of high-quality cryogenic valves and equipment to support the ever growing needs and standards required by the Industrial Gas industry.
For more than 75 years Atkomatic has been serving the fluid controls industry, manufacturing heavy-duty industrial solenoid valves. They can withstand the rigors of more demanding applications including cryogenic fluids, high pressure or super-heated steam, corrosive chemicals and more.
For nearly half a century NOSHOK has been a pioneer in the measurement solutions industry by continually providing innovative solutions, and outstanding value and a broad offering of premium quality product lines.
Norman Filter Company
  • Gas and Liquid Filters
Norman Filter Company is a quality manufacturer of hydraulic filter housings, elements and filtration systems for the industrial and aerospace markets. They design and supply state of the art high pressure filtration products for a variety of markets.
Jefferson Solenoid Valves
Jefferson Solenoid Valves is a leading manufacturer with more than 40 years in the market developing a complete line of high quality solenoid valves and level controls. Jefferson’s solenoid valves and magnetic level switches are used to control liquids and gases such as water, air, steam, oils, refrigerants, oxygen, liquid nitrogen, corrosive fluids and many others.
3B Filters
Manufacturer of hydraulic and pneumatic filter housings. Specializing in high pressure and customized filter housings with operating pressure up to 30,000psi. Markets served include medical, industrial, petro-chemical, aerospace and military.
New Ward Valve Company
Manufacturer of a unique lift style check valve used in a variety of applications.