Circle Seal 200 Series Out Performs The Competition

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Circle Seal 200 series out performs the competition in both check and relief valve applications.

When selecting a check valve or relief valve that requires a low crack pressure and high flow rate, consider aCircle Seal 200 series solution.

This style of valve works better than most check valves for several reasons:

  • Quick opening/positive closing
  • Bubble tight
  • Large flow capacity
  • Operating Pressures up to 6,000 psi

The basic function of a Circle Seal check valve is to prevent unwanted reverse flow in critical applications such as gas supply lines or maintaining pressure in a fire suppression system. Because of its unique qualities, the 200 Series offers solutions beyond just preventing back flow. For example it can be used as a high flow relief valve on an enclosure or as a vacuum breaker.

Circle Seal Valve

The floating o-ring design keeps contaminants out and provides for consistent, safe performance that is reliable in the process. For applications where the prevention of backflow is critical, the Circle Seal 200 series would be an optimal solution.

The Circle Valve technical support team is prepared to help guide you to the correct solution. Our company features a comprehensive inventory for quick deliveries as well as testing capabilities to ensure performance.