CVT Technical Support – Selecting The Right Valve

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One of the key elements in selecting the right check or relief valve is Flow Capacity. This essential element is often not given enough consideration, especially when a replacement valve is being specified.

Because of this, a common problem that arises is the valve will be over-sized for the application. When the flow is insufficient to keep the valve open, it will “chatter” and may result in premature wear and eventual valve failure.

Another common mistake is replacing the valve based on the existing valve size instead of considering the flow requirements. Unlike a ball valve, check and relief valves typically are not full flow devices and flow rates can also vary depending on operating conditions.

This is where you may need some guidance. At Circle Valve we review your application and process to gain an overall understanding of the system and the requirements.

We look at several parameters:

  • Operating Pressure
  • Crack Pressure
  • Flow Requirement
  • Media compatibility
  • Piping size
  • Temperature
  • Piping and performance
  • Economics

All of these elements guide us to design the correct valve for the application. We then research the availability and lead-times which, in some cases, can be several weeks for delivery. However, Circle Valve is a stocking distributor so most often we can supply the correct valve solution quickly as well as provide testing to ensure performance in your application.