Jefferson Solenoid Valves: Don’t Just Go With The Flow – Control It.

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A general-purpose solenoid valve can be found in almost every industrial process operating with liquid, steam or gas, serving in an automation capacity or safety device. Selecting the correct solenoid valve for the application ensures the best performance and life span for the system. Solenoid valves are a combination of two functional units: The electromagnetic … Continue reading “Jefferson Solenoid Valves: Don’t Just Go With The Flow – Control It.”

ASME And Non-ASME Relief Valves: What’s The Difference?

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A pressure relief valve (PRV) is a type of safety valve used to control or limit the pressure in a system; pressure might otherwise build up and create a process upset, instrument or equipment failure. The pressure is relieved by allowing the pressurized fluid to flow from an auxiliary passage out of the system. The … Continue reading “ASME And Non-ASME Relief Valves: What’s The Difference?”

Here’s A Tip! Stem Tip Options For Hoke Needle Valves

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Needle valves are responsible for the safe and efficient operation in a variety of industrial applications. They control the flow rate of the process media using a long-tapered stem tip that is often referred to as the plunger. A small handle or hand wheel is then used to rotate the stem either closer or further … Continue reading “Here’s A Tip! Stem Tip Options For Hoke Needle Valves”

Solutions for Chattering Check Valves – How to Properly Size a Check Valve

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Check Valves are probably some the most misunderstood valves in an application. Simply put, a check valve allows the flow of gas, liquid or steam in one direction and automatically prevents backflow in the reverse direction. Check valves come in various forms depending on the application. Some examples include the ball check, swing check, and … Continue reading “Solutions for Chattering Check Valves – How to Properly Size a Check Valve”

What Is An Explosion Proof Solenoid Valve?

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An explosion-proof solenoid valve must have a coil or enclosure that is able to contain any explosion originating from within the coil or housing and prevent any internal spark from igniting any combustible gas, vapors or particulates in the surrounding environment that could cause a much larger explosion. Explosion proof identifier There are a number … Continue reading “What Is An Explosion Proof Solenoid Valve?”

Inline Check Valves For Fire Protection & Suppression Systems

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Fire protection is a must-have for any commercial building. It not only protects valuable goods and merchandise, it also saves lives. A fire can occur anytime, including when there is no one around, so a fire suppression system needs to be reliable and react quickly. This means the system needs to be properly designed and … Continue reading “Inline Check Valves For Fire Protection & Suppression Systems”

How to Choose the Correct Hazardous Location Approved Pressure Transmitter in the Oil & Gas Industry

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In the volatile environment of the oil industry, the pressure’s on to use rugged, reliable pressure measuring instrumentation. In these applications, an error in pressure measurement or control could have literally explosive results. As oil efforts push ever further into remote and inaccessible locations to find new oil sources, the equipment used in exploration, drilling … Continue reading “How to Choose the Correct Hazardous Location Approved Pressure Transmitter in the Oil & Gas Industry”

What a Relief! Cryogenic Relief Valves – Features and Applications

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Over the years there have been a number of advancements in the Cryogenic and Industrial gas industries with the aim of keeping liquefied gases colder longer. This has allowed the transportation and storage of larger amounts of these gases in a liquefied state for longer periods of time. At some point even the best cryogenic … Continue reading “What a Relief! Cryogenic Relief Valves – Features and Applications”

500 Series Relief Valves: An Open Case for a Closed Valve

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Pressure Relief Valves (PRV’s) or Pressure Safety Valves (PSV’s) make up some of the key components utilized in today’s applications to control media. There sole objective is to open and relieve excess pressure from a vessel or system and then close to prevent further discharge of gas or fluids after normal conditions have been restored. … Continue reading “500 Series Relief Valves: An Open Case for a Closed Valve”

Growth and Expansion with New Solutions and Services

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Circle Valve Technologies was established in 1986, when former employees of Circle Seal, transitioned from factory direct sales to a stocking distributor to better serve their customers. For over 30 years, they have had an unwavering commitment to offer superior technical support and outstanding customer service. Circle Valve Technologies distributes industry leading products which define … Continue reading “Growth and Expansion with New Solutions and Services”

NoShok Pressure Gauges: Low Cost, High Quality And Accurate Measuring Devices

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NoShok Pressure Gauges offer a combination of low cost solutions and high quality, accurate measuring devices. Also attractive is their quality commitment and warranties that last 1 to 3 years (depending on the series) to remain within catalogued accuracy specifications. A variety of body materials (ABS, Brass, Stainless Steel) and pressure ranges are offered with … Continue reading “NoShok Pressure Gauges: Low Cost, High Quality And Accurate Measuring Devices”

Circle Valve Technologies Now Offers Truelok UHP Face Seal & Mini Weld Fittings

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Circle Valve Technologies, Inc. now offers Truelok brand Ultra High Purity (UHP) Face Seal & Mini Weld Fittings. Truelok UHP fittings are interchangeable and intermixable with the fittings offered by all other manufacturers of metal-to-metal face seal connectors, micro-weld & mini-weld fittings, including VCR® style glands, gaskets and nuts. Truelok offers a wide range of … Continue reading “Circle Valve Technologies Now Offers Truelok UHP Face Seal & Mini Weld Fittings”

Protecting Your Application Downstream

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How do you protect your application downstream should a flow spike occur? Hoke Controls has engineered a simple yet innovative solution. Simply installing a XVH Series Excess Flow Valve can prevent excessive discharge of vapor or liquid from a break in a hose or piping system. The XVH Series Excess Flow Valves act as flow … Continue reading “Protecting Your Application Downstream”

Circle Valve Introduces CWT Valve’s Product Line

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Circle Valve Technologies has partnered with Canawest Technologies (CWT Valve) to provide standard and tailor made quality valves and strainers. CWT’s products are manufactured from a wide range of materials, including specialty alloys for a variety of industries including Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Power Generation, Mining, Marine and Construction. Circle Valve has long specialized in … Continue reading “Circle Valve Introduces CWT Valve’s Product Line”

How Clean is Clean? Leading Cause of Valve Failure

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Did you know that 99% of all valve failures result from contamination damage? That number is just too high to ignore which is why system cleanliness is one of the most important aspects of any valve application. Filtration is used to separate particles and fluid in a suspension, where the fluid can be a liquid, … Continue reading “How Clean is Clean? Leading Cause of Valve Failure”

Circle Valve Introduces NOSHOK Product Line

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Circle Valve Technologies is excited to announce the addition of NOSHOK products to our product offering! Company Background: NOSHOK pressure gauges are used on applications in virtually every industry on a global scale. Since their inception in 1967, the company has been providing innovative solutions, like the liquid filled pressure gauge, and has continued this … Continue reading “Circle Valve Introduces NOSHOK Product Line”

Offering More Than One Direction

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That’s what we all want, isn’t it? More than one way to win, be successful, obtain a goal or meet a requirement. Circle Seal Controls SV 10-30 & SV400 Series Solenoid Valves offers the type of flexibility that most customers require in electro-operated pressure control devises. Just look at this list of features and benefits: … Continue reading “Offering More Than One Direction”

Hoke Gyrolok Compression Fittings

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HOKE Gyrolok Compression Fittings or tube fittings have been carefully designed and manufactured to provide outstanding leak-tight integrity in a wide range of applications. The fittings provide safe, reliable performance from cryogenic temperatures to high temperature bake out levels, depending on material. A key feature with Gyrolok tube fittings is that you can remake the … Continue reading “Hoke Gyrolok Compression Fittings”

Dyna-Pak® Stem Packing System

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Dyna-Pak® provides superior sealing performance while reducing maintenance costs. Consisting of alternate wafers of TFE and metal spacers, stem leakage is virtually eliminated while the problems associated with TFE cold flow are minimized. As the packing nut is tightened, metal spacers squeeze the TFE wafers, driving the TFE against the stem. At the stem, forces … Continue reading “Dyna-Pak® Stem Packing System”

CVT Technical Support – Selecting The Right Valve

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One of the key elements in selecting the right check or relief valve is Flow Capacity. This essential element is often not given enough consideration, especially when a replacement valve is being specified. Because of this, a common problem that arises is the valve will be over-sized for the application. When the flow is insufficient … Continue reading “CVT Technical Support – Selecting The Right Valve”