Circle Valve Technologies Now Offers Truelok UHP Face Seal & Mini Weld Fittings

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Circle Valve Technologies, Inc. now offers Truelok brand Ultra High Purity (UHP) Face Seal & Mini Weld Fittings. Truelok UHP fittings are interchangeable and intermixable with the fittings offered by all other manufacturers of metal-to-metal face seal connectors, micro-weld & mini-weld fittings, including VCR® style glands, gaskets and nuts.


Truelok offers a wide range of Face Seal (VCR® styled) and Mini Weld Fittings with average surface finish of 10 Ra and electro polished finishes of 5 Ra or less. Truelok’s metal-to-metal face seal connections are designed as leak-free components for critical applications where Ultra High Purity (UHP) conditions are required. These metal-to-metal face seal fittings provide leak-tight service from vacuum to positive pressure.

Standard fittings are constructed of 316L stainless steel, a low-carbon variant of 316 steel, which are commonly used in ultra-high vacuum systems. It is the industry preferred material for high purity fittings both to prevent material outgassing and due to its corrosion and oxidation resistant properties (common sources of trouble in vacuum systems), which also makes these UHP fittings a great choice when using exotic gases and chemicals. UHP face seal & mini weld fittings deliver outstanding performance in gas delivery systems, the instruments to certify the purity of gases and the integrity of gas delivery system in the semiconductor industry. Other materials such as VAR, AOD/VAR, VOD/VAR or VIM/VAR are available upon request.

Typical makeup assembly includes a female nut, gland, gasket, gland and male nut.




Circle Valve also carries many other Truelok products:

  • High Purity End Caps for Gas Purifiers & Gas Filters
  • Extra Long Glands for Gas Regulators and Gas Analyzers
  • Mini Glands for Aerospace
  • Reducing Union for Gas Delivery Systems
  • Blind Glands with groove for Aerospace
  • High Flow Connectors for Gas Regulators

You’ve spent a relentless amount of time designing and mapping out your system, incorporating the latest technology, and surpassing industry standards. Now it’s time to source the parts necessary to make this project a reality. Whether you rely on high purity fittings in your gas delivery system or the transfer of helium in a cryogenic cold head, Truelok High Purity fittings offer custom high tolerance precision machining and are designed to accommodate demanding applications.

Recently, Circle Valve Technologies had the opportunity to work with a leading manufacturer, of closed cycle cryostat systems, in the design of some custom high purity fittings. These fittings were incorporated into both the supply line and capillary of the cryostat system for two different models. The end result of our collaboration was a custom fitting that kept our customer ahead of deadline and under budget. Whatever your application, project, or design let Circle Valve Technologies technical sales team help you take to the next level.

Circle Valve Technologies is a factory authorized stocking distributor of Truelok Brand UHP face seal & mini weld fittings. Give us a call today and we’ll cross reference your part numbers and provide you with a competitive quote.

*Swagelok and VCR are registered trade names of Swagelok® Company, Circle Valve and Truelok are not affiliated with Swagelok Company