How to Choose the Correct Hazardous Location Approved Pressure Transmitter in the Oil & Gas Industry

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In the volatile environment of the oil industry, the pressure’s on to use rugged, reliable pressure measuring instrumentation. In these applications, an error in pressure measurement or control could have literally explosive results. As oil efforts push ever further into remote and inaccessible locations to find new oil sources, the equipment used in exploration, drilling and production has become increasingly complex, making the need for dependable and durable pressure transmitters more critical than ever.

Wellhead assemblies and Christmas trees require rugged and weatherproof pressure transmitters designed to meet the demanding requirements of a highly hazardous environment. To withstand this type of location, pressure transmitters must be of Intrinsically Safe, Explosion-Proof or Non-Incendive design.

Intrinsically Safe Transmitters, such as NOSHOK’s 625 & 626 Series Transmitters*, use less electricity than the level of power required to set off an explosion within the defined hazardous area. Intrinsically Safe Transmitters are also not capable of storing large amounts of energy which could spark an explosion. NOSHOK 625 & 626 Intrinsically Safe Pressure Transmitters combine the reliability and long life of diffused semiconductor and proven sputtered thin film sensor technology with robust electronics for outstanding performance in this type of application.
Many oil applications require Intrinsically Safe Sensors that can be submerged into storage tanks or boreholes to monitor the level of potentially flammable liquids or in zones with potentially explosive atmospheres. NOSHOK 627 Series Intrinsically Safe

Submersible Level Transmitters* are a dependable, robust solution. Their durable high performance Polyurethane jacketed cable enhances reliability, and they are available with a stainless steel nosecone, weighted stainless steel nosecone or NPT adapter and ranges to accommodate most applications.

Similar to Intrinsically Safe Transmitters, Non-Incendive Transmitters cannot generate enough thermal or electrical energy to ignite a volatile atmosphere under normal operating conditions – but unlike their Intrinsically Safe counterparts they can create sufficient energy for ignition could be generated under fault conditions. Intrinsically safe instruments therefore have much broader applications, but Non-Incendive systems are generally less costly and easier to maintain than either explosion-proof or intrinsically safe systems.

623 & 624 Series Non-Incendive Transmitters* from NOSHOK are cost-effective and rugged, designed with robust electronics for outstanding performance in demanding environments.

Rather than preventing explosions, Explosion-Proof Transmitters are engineered to contain a blast. They are not necessarily designed to withstand an external explosion, but to contain an internal explosion without allowing flames or hot gases to escape from the transmitter housing which might trigger an explosion in the surrounding environment. NOSHOK 621 & 622 Series Explosion Proof Pressure Transmitters* are ideal for monitoring tubing and casing pressures in a wellhead. These sensors provide consistently accurate and stable output, stand up to extremely harsh environments, and endure the test of time. The 621/622 Series Transmitters are engineered to the most stringent quality standards and undergo extensive testing to ensure their reliability in highly hazardous applications.

In hazardous Oil Field, Pipeline Gas Compressor, Chemical/Petrochemical and Offshore environments, engineers can’t afford to take a chance on faulty or inaccurate pressure measurement sensors. Choosing the right high quality, durable pressure transmitters can keep these systems running safely and smoothly, and prevent costly accidents. For more information on NOSHOK products or to discuss your application please visit us at, or call 800-645-6733.
*These transmitters are backed by NOSHOK’s exclusive 3-year Warranty