Hoke Gyrolok Compression Fittings

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HOKE Gyrolok Compression Fittings or tube fittings have been carefully designed and manufactured to provide outstanding leak-tight integrity in a wide range of applications. The fittings provide safe, reliable performance from cryogenic temperatures to high temperature bake out levels, depending on material.

A key feature with Gyrolok tube fittings is that you can remake the fitting. With traditional compression fittings when you inset the tube into the fitting it bottoms out, forming a right angle [between the tube and the fitting] which leaves no additional space for movement as you tighten the fitting down. Since you are pushing the tube forward as you tighten it, this tends to lead to the tube galling or sticking (commonly known as a “tube sticking”). This can results in longer down times due to the need to cut out the valve or fitting that the tube is stuck in and replacing with a new valve or fittings.

Gyrolok tube fittings have a slight taper (sizing angle) at the base of the fitting allowing the tube to stop before bottoming out, yet still allows the tube room to move forward as the nut is tightened, thereby reducing the tendency for it to stick or gall. This key feature of Gyrolok tube fittings allows you to repeatedly undo and redo the connection to perform any needed maintenance, resulting in less down time and the need for new materials.

Important design features of Gyrolok compression fittings vs. other compression fittings.

Controlled Ferrule Drive:

Helps prevent overstressing (by reducing O.D. cutting) of tubing or excessively reducing tubing inside diameter.

Front ferrule shoulder:

Front ferrule shoulder prevents body expansion and nut jamming, caused by over-tightening.

Butt Seal:

The Butt Seal provides a secondary seal and eliminates dead space where contaminants could be trapped.

1 ¼ Turns to Lock…Always:

All sizes, all materials, all pressure ratings are 1 ¼ turns to lock the fitting in place.

Guaranteed Interchangeability:

Gyrlok Tube Fittings have guaranteed interchangeability with other tube fittings.

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