Offering More Than One Direction

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That’s what we all want, isn’t it? More than one way to win, be successful, obtain a goal or meet a requirement. Circle Seal Controls SV 10-30 & SV400 Series Solenoid Valves offers the type of flexibility that most customers require in electro-operated pressure control devises. Just look at this list of features and benefits:

Zero Leakage – The SV Series Solenoid valves provide zero leakage control, insuring complete shutoff when the valve is closed. This prevents leakage of the flow media and/or slow pressure rise downstream of the valve. Simply, what good is a shutoff valve that doesn’t truly shutoff?

Bi-Directional – The SV Series can be used with flow/pressure in either direction of in a vacuum system. On a 3-way, 2-position solenoid valve, flow/pressure can go from port “A” to “C”, “C” to “A”, “B” to “C”, “C” to “B”. The 2-way normally closed or normally open valves are also bi-directional. This feature offers the user a greater flexibility in system design and operation.

Balance Poppet Design – No minimum or maximum differential pressure is required for operation. Whether operating with 1 psi of 6000 psi of differential, the SV Solenoid Valve Series operates perfectly every time.

Various Voltages Offered – 12, 24, 115 VDC and 115, 220 VAC electrical solenoid operations are offered. Again, flexibility for the user is the key word. A selection of voltages requiring minimum current, allows the user to select existing proven designs for any type for system operation.

Fast Response – By using DC coils [AC units have DC coils with full wave bridge rectifiers], response times of 75-100 ms are possible. Fast response time reduces the users operation time for system start-up and/or cycling.

Explosion Proof – The SV Series is explosion proof [directly or by similarity] to U.S. Government specification, MIL-STD-810B, Method 511, Procedure II. This requirement is similar to NEMA 7, Class 1, Division 1, except test is performed with JP4 fuel. Explosion proof capability insures safe operation when flammable gasses or fluid are used.

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